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Denim for Deafness

Denim for Deafness is for everyone and Hearing for is for Everyone! 

How does Deafness Foundation want to help?

Welcome to Denim for Deafness, our fundraising program where schools make a difference to the lives of babies across Australia through research into Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and to the funding of an Awareness program on CMV aimed at pregnant mums.

Denim for Deafness enables your School and Student Council to partner with Deafness Foundation to raise funds for deafness research, grants, education awards and awareness programs, particularly focused on childhood deafness and noise induced hearing loss.

We invite everyone to get their schools and workplaces involved to run a Denim for Deafness Day – simply register at https://donate.grassrootz.com/deafness/denim-for-deafness/action/join.

Deafness Foundation will post you an informational kit that includes promotional information and Jeanious ways to help raise funds for Denim for Deafness. We hope you are able to  have the best day raising funds to assist this amazing program to reduce CMV and childhood deafness and we can all make such a difference!

For more information and previous Denim for Deafness days

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Denim-for-Deafness-128783017831585/
mail:  management@deafness.org.au

Jeanious Ideas to raise funds for Denim for Deafness

Jeanious Ideas to raise funds for Denim for Deafness