There are so many ways that our community and corporate sectors along with individuals and families can support Deafness Foundation in its work.  We value your support in generating income from fundraising activities to provide funding for the Annual Grants Program, Research and Educational Awards and Scholarships.  Deafness Foundation does not receive any Government funding.

Our primary fundraising has been from the Butterfly Badge Appeal along with Clothing bins through Lynmarc.  We have a range of new and exciting initiatives to achieve our fundraising goals including expanding our very special Butterfly Pins and Keyrings which everyone loves so much.

Fundraising initiatives include:

  • Butterfly Badge Appeal
  • Dining for Deafness
  • Denim for Deafness
  • Books for Bookworms – Secondhand Book Shop
  • Sale of Entertainment Books – either book form or digital version.
  • Collection Boxes throughout the retail sector
  • Birthday Gifts / Celebration Giving
  • Your Bucket List Event
  • Corporate & Group Fundraising Activities

For further information please contact us on (03) 9738 2909 or email: to purchase a copy now.

Books for Bookworms Bookshop

booksWith the enjoyment of reading from the book now “back in vogue”, we are delighted to have Books for Bookworms at our office in Bayswater.  The shop is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday each week.  Special Sales are held every couple of months on weekends.  Book donations can be made by delivering to our office or by calling our office to make alternative arrangements



Dining for Deafness

Dining for DeafnessWe all love dining with friends and family, work colleagues and others as well.  Be it breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper or an afternoon tea – we invite you to think about the number of people who are challenged by hearing loss in our community.  Amongst your family, friends and colleagues – there will be many who have difficulty hearing.  We invite you to have a meal and “Dine for Deafness” and donate funds raised to Deafness Foundation. 

Denim for Deafness

DENIM_4_deafness_finallogoWearing denim to work relaxes the mind!  Why not combine a relaxed dress code with your work and raise funds for research programs into Deafness.  Contact Jenny at for further information.



Collection Boxes
collection-boxWe invite retail businesses to place a Collection Box at their store.  This will enable your shoppers to donate their loose change into the box after their shopping.  If you can assist with placing the boxes into shops, cafes or other sites, we welcome your contact.  These can be posted direct to you with full instructions on banking, etc.




Birthday Gifts and Celebration Giving

“I don’t want anything for my birthday” is so often voiced as we feel we have all we need in our life.  In such cases, we would be delighted to provide the opportunity for you to recommend donations to Deafness Foundation in lieu of a gift for your birthday, or other celebrations.   All donations are tax deductible, so this is a real win-win gift!

Your Bucket List Event

Have you written down your Bucket List?  We would love to be a part of your journey to achieving at least one of the items on it.  Is it as simple as “Eating Fish & Chips at Brighton Beach Boxes with your friends” or “Walking the Camino”? It may be climbing the 1000 Steps or hosting a dinner for 10 Friends – ask for sponsorship or set a charge to attend – and donate this to aid our work in the field of Deafness and loss of hearing.

We invite you to take this opportunity to share your understanding of the challenges of those with hearing loss and invite those who are sharing it with you to make a donation to Deafness Foundation.    All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


Corporate and Club Fundraising Activities

There are lots of ways you can assist with events and raise funds for Deafness Foundation.  Would you like to run a Trivia Night?  How about turning this on its head and running a Trivia Brunch or Breakfast? 

Would you like to have an Office “Morning Tea” for your building – not just your direct team – and invite them to contribute for the enjoyment?

We can assist your project that you wish to put together – be it a soup and sandwich lunch to a major event!