Deafness Foundation Award

The Deafness Foundation Award, in the form of a Medal, is an award made by the Board of Deafness Foundation for a person who has made an extraordinary contribution to the lives of the deaf or hard of hearing communities in Australia.  This Award was initially awarded in 2011.  It may be for concentrated efforts over a short or longer period and of relevance to all or a smaller part of the deaf or hard of hearing communities in Australia.

Awardees of the Deafness Foundation Award are:




Eric Stanley (Stan) Batson
for outstanding contributions as an Ambassador for the Deaf, promoting understanding and inclusion.





Sue Ward for outstanding and innovative contributions to the deaf and hearing impaired community in rural Victoria.





Adjunct Professor Harvey Dillon for outstanding contributions in the field of hearing research.




Joseph Hamilton (John) Marshall for outstanding contributions to the Deafness Foundation and the support of the deaf and hard of hearing.