Peter Howson Clinical Research Fellowship

2018-19 Peter Howson Research Fellow
Caitlin BarrDr Caitlin Barr has been named the 2018-19 Peter Howson Research Fellow.

Dr Barr’s Research Project is titled:  “Who is talking, who is listening and who is hearing?  Optimising hearing help-seeking pathways starting in General Practitioner’s office.”

This project aims to:
1  Gain an indepth understanding of GPs perceived barriers and facilitators to discussing, counselling and recommending action regarding hearing loss within consultations;
2  Gain an indepth understanding of adults with hearing loss’ experiences discussing hearing loss with their GPs and their preferences for how hearing loss might be managed within GP consultations;
3  Co-construct (GPs, adults with hearing loss and researchers) a tool to optimise GPs’ discussion, counselling and recommendations regarding hearing loss; and
4  Evaluate the feasibility, acceptability and usability of the developed tool in a controlled pilot study.

The Eye and Ear and the Deafness Foundation jointly fund the Peter Howson Deafness Fellowship in the field of Hearing Science.


The purpose of the Fellowship is to support important, innovative clinical and scientific research with the potential to directly benefit patients with deafness.

The aim of the Fellowship is to support either a clinician interested in pursuing a research program, or an early career researcher looking to generate a track record that will make them eligible for large-scale national and international competitive grant funding (NHMRC, ARC, NIH etc).

per year to the successful candidate.

For further details, please contact the Executive Officer at Deafness Foundation on (03) 9738 2909.

A summary of the three awardees research and outcomes is available here:

Peter Howson Clinical Research Fellow Outcomes

Peter Howson Clinical Fellowship Awardees

Ms Danielle Tomlin – 2011
d-tomlinThe impact of Auditory Processing Disorder on Aboriginal Children
September 2011 to September 2013

Attached is the Paper published as a result of the Fellowship.

Long-Term Hearing Deficits After Childhood Middle Ear Disease by Dani Tomlin and Gary Rance.



Ms Jessica Vitkovic – 2013
jessicaThe Contribution of Hearing to Balance Control
October 2013 to October 2015

Attached is a presentation made by Peter Howson Fellow Jessica Vitkovic on the findings of her research.

Presentation – Jessica Vitkovic


Dr Kerryn Saunders – 2015

kerryn-saundersEarly Identification and Management of Congenital CMV Hearing Loss / A New Clinical Model
November 2015 to October 2017

This research is currently underway.