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Information available on the website

Deafness Foundation endeavours at all times to ensure that the information provided within this website is accurate and of high quality. However, while we are continually updating the information and content, it may not always be current and may change without notice.
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Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy describes how we protect your privacy when you use our Website. Our Privacy Policy is a part of and is hereby expressly incorporated into these Terms of Use.

To make a donation or pay a membership fee

You may wish to make a donation to the Deafness Foundation through the website or pay a membership fee. Enquiries about merchandise purchases can be made directly by email or via the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website.

All prices quoted on the Deafness Foundation website are in Australian Dollars.

Details required from you

In order to make a donation or pay a membership fee, your personal details and credit card details for payment must be entered into a secure payment gateway, using your Credit Card or PayPal. You need to provide to Deafness Foundation (via a secure payment gateway), your personal information and details of your credit card, including:

  • credit card type;
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  • expiry date

In order for the Deafness Foundation to send you a tax receipt, you will need to provide your email address and/or your postal address. Deafness Foundation will not provide you with a tax receipt until payment has been received by the Deafness Foundation and processed.
Unauthorised Use of Credit Cards

Any donations made through the Deafness Foundation website using a credit card or PayPal are final. If you become aware that your credit card has been lost, stolen or is being used fraudulently, it is your responsibility to report the issue to your financial institution.


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